About Escolinha da Ana

  • Us

    Escolinha da Ana – Nursery, Day Care Center and Kindergarten is located at Rua Carlos Reis, 87, Cobre, 2750-558 Cascais, Lisbon district

    Early childhood is a fundamental period in a child’s development. It is at this stage that the first affective bonds are created, up to the development of most aspects of a child’s personality, through motor and cognitive stimuli, everything is of paramount importance that profoundly affect their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. .

    Early childhood is decisive!

  • Our mission

    We intend to claim ourselves as a quality institution that

    • Encourages the participation of families in the school and their co-responsibility in the educational process;
    •  Values the development and solidarity among all members of the educational community;
    •  Promotes socializing;
    •  Search for innovation and quality in teaching and think about an innovative and sustained curricular program;
    •  Promotes educational success;
    •  Values the school and intervenes in the community;
    •  Promotes an internal and functional organization focused on training students aware of their citizenship duties in their personal, social and environmental dimension;
    •  Develops social skills,

  • Our values

    We value an intimate relationship with the families in order to build a true bridge between home and our school. With that in mind it is our goal to ensure an education best suited for each child, always respecting each one as a unique individual.
    We are an institution that favors the participation of all parents in the teaching-learning process of our students, as well as the entire educational community.

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