Curricular Activities


Once a week

Psychomotricity will enhance the development of symbolic function; body skills such as balance, coordination, spatial and time orientation. In addition, it stimulates a better understanding of oneself and, consequently, a better understanding in relation to other people and one’s environment.


Once a week

Gymnastics contributes to a student who is aware of the positive values of physical activity, encouraging him/her to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including the practice of physical exercises in their daily lives, developing a state of personal satisfaction and general well-being.


Once a week

The practice of expressive activities clearly contributes to the expression of our personality, the structuring of our thoughts, and the development of our character. Musical and dramatic expression and education develops children’s mastery of body skills and their use as expressive instruments. It is intended to broaden children’s experience, so that they can develop their sensitivity, imagination and aesthetic sense.


Once a week

“Philosophy for Children” is a program designed for children ages 4/5 and up. Its objectives are to create a taste for knowledge and to stimulate the child’s curiosity about the world around them.
” … doing philosophy is not a matter of ages, but of one’s ability to reflect scrupulously and courageously on what one considers important. ” – Matthew Lipman

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