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Escolinha da Ana Facilities


The building of Escolinha da Ana is a villa adapted for its intended purpose. It is a modern building, as it has been built around seventeen years ago and is extremely well preserved.

The exterior of the building is very large and very original, thus captivating those who are outside. It also looks extremely cozy. The exterior space of our school is quite big, consisting of all the space in the back of the building.


Nurseries are like a baby’s second home. Comfort and safety are essential for them, so our space allows babies the rest, play, food and the motor, cognitive and emotional development that they need.

Day Care

At daycare the child has an established routine where they can find their way around. It’s also a place with people to nurture and look after them.

At the nursery, the child learns to live with both adults and children. So that parents can be at ease, we pass all available information through the app peeq (or phone). Parents can also update said app with information about the child’s well-being after leaving school. We also provide the day-to-day life of the child and the activities carried out by them.


The Lei-Quadro da Educação Pré-Escolar (Lei nº5/97, de 10 de Fevereiro) establishes as a general principle that “pre-school education is the first stage of basic education in the process of lifelong education, being complementary to the educational action of the family, with which it should establish a close relationship, promoting the education and development of the child, with a view to their full integration into society as an autonomous being, free and caring” .

As the child is a biopsychosocial being who is in constant development and consequent learning, it is essential to provide new experiences and experiences that are enriching for the child in order to enhance their capabilities in various areas and domains.

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