Once a week

School entirely dedicated to the practice of yoga with babies/children, aiming at their integral and holistic development. It is an innovative concept in Portugal which results from a mixture between the adaptation of classical yoga postures with other postures developed specifically to stimulate a better sensorial coordination of the baby. It is a joint practice between parents and babies.


Once a week

There are many advantages when you learn English as a child. In this globalized world it is impossible to be limited to the language of your own country or the country you live in; the more languages you know, the easier it will be for your professional life and the earlier this foreign language learning starts, the more it benefits the child. The younger your child is, the more capacity his or her brain has to learn; whatever it is. So this is the ideal time for him to learn another language. It will be faster, easier as well as a lifelong learner. That’s why many schools today already have, from the first years of kindergarten on, more than one language – usually English. Some even offer two foreign language options, as is the case at Escolinha da Ana.


Once a week

It aims to bring awareness for arts and physical activity, even if unconsciously. While the child is having fun, without realizing it, he/she is developing fundamental motor skills such as body awareness, coordination of movements, balance, and rhythm, in addition to flexibility and posture. In the social aspect, it works on attention, memory, disinhibition, and discipline.


2 times a week

It prevents posture or orthopedic problems. It reassures parents that their children learn early on how to deal with water. It is multifunctional because it acts in the development of psychomotricity, gives notions of laterality, and notions of space, helps with tactile, auditory, and visual functions. The child has a better perception of its body schema, which helps a lot in the child’s cognitive development. (minimum 6 students)


Once a week

Judo helps children increase their physical and mental capabilities, and instills important values such as companionship and respect for others. It promotes the development of their motor system, through the development of the child’s strength, coordination, speed, flexibility, and balance. Encourages self-knowledge and mastery of one’s own body. It develops self-control and stimulates tactical thinking. Although it is a contact sport, it transmits and teaches many values to the child, such as tolerance, motivation, self-esteem, education, companionship, solidarity, and teamwork.

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